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Engraved Concrete

What Is Concrete Engraving?

Is it possible to put patterns and designs into an already existing concrete patio? It is possible with concrete engraving. Using special tools and equipment to etch patterns into existing concrete, engraving is a permanent treatment that won't ever fade or wear away. The patterns are carved right into the concrete rather than applied on top of it. With engraved concrete, you can also still color existing concrete adding even more decorative possibilities and spectacular results.

One technique popular with engraved concrete is to stain the concrete with color prior to engraving. Then, using engraving tools, a pattern is routed into the concrete. The routed area is uncolored and gives the appearance of grout lines. This is a unique way to create the look of separated stones or tiles, and is much less time consuming and costly.

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Popular Engraved Concrete Patterns

  • Ashlar slate engraved patio

    Ashlar Slate Engraved Patio
    Photo courtesy of Engrave-A-Crete

  • Circular Brick Patio

    Circular Brick Patio
    Photo courtesy of Engrave-A-Crete

  • Flagstone engraved patio

    Flagstone Engraved Patio
    Photo courtesy of Engrave-A-Crete

  • Engraved Concrete Logo

    Engraved Custom Logo
    Photo courtesy of Engrave-A-Crete

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