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Fixing a Sunken Concrete Patio with Slabjacking

Is your patio sunken, cracked and uneven? Has settlement beneath portions of the concrete slab caused dangerous tripping hazards? Are you tired of the unsightly appearance of a concrete patio desperately in need of repair? You have two options: either tear out the concrete and start fresh, or repair your patio with a process called slabjacking. Fixing a patio with slabjacking often costs half of the price for replacement.

It is likely that your patio's problems were caused by a subgrade that was not properly prepared. This means that the dirt beneath the concrete was not compacted enough, which leads to sinking and shift below the patio. This movement of the dirt weakens the patio and often results in cracks and unevenness.

The process known as concrete slabjacking, sometimes called mudjacking, will lift your sunken patio back into place. Holes are drilled in the sunken slab and a grout mixture is pumped through that floats the slab into position. When the grout hardens it provides a strong base for your patio. Your contractor will then fill in the holes and repair cracks. Patched holes and repaired cracks are the most noticeable sign of this type of repair. If you would like the surface of your patio to look brand new consider having it resurfaced.

Many homeowners find slabjacking appealing because it is a quick and simple fix. With slabjacking, mess and inconvenience are minimal and the surrounding landscaping is not disturbed. Plus you can leave your patio furniture, flower pots and grill in place – the pump is strong enough to lift both the concrete and the weight of such elements. And if you are conscious of being eco-friendly, slabjacking is great because there is no waste material that ends up in landfills.

Slabjacking is an excellent option for fixing a sunken concrete patio that will save you time, money and headache. Learn more about slabjacking on