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Photo by: Cornerstone Concrete Designs

Cool Concrete Patio Projects

  • Stenciled Patio
    A sun design was stenciled on this outdoor concrete patio becoming the focal point of the area. The multiple colors add depth to what could be a plain outdoor room. Adding darker colored borders and combining both light and dark colors on the concrete gave this patio a unique look.

  • Circular Patio
    Designed from a patio the homeowners had seen on a trip to a large resort, this patio incorporates five multi-level, circular patios. Each level creates a unique outdoor room, one for grilling, one for a bar area, one for seating, one near a fire pit, and one next to a water feature.

  • Natural Stone-Look
    This realistic-looking stone patio is made of stained and scored concrete. Replicating the look of natural stone, this patio was covered with an overlay and then hand-colored using three shades of stain. The result appears to look like stone.

  • Diamond Pattern Patio
    This checkerboard pattern, created with saw cuts and water-based stains, sets off the enormous expanse of patio area behind this home. The extraordinary design incorporates 6-inch squares taped off and stained with color by hand.