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Concrete Patio Pavers

Patio pavers, or paving stones as they are sometimes referred to, interlock to create stunning patterned surfaces in various color tones. Pavers are a great option for creating patio areas because they can be installed fairly quickly, considering there is no wait time for curing concrete as with traditional concrete patios.

Pavers do have their share of maintenance needs. If you're considering pavers, you may want to think about their tendency to shift and create uneven areas in a patio. Also, weeds and grasses tend to grow up between the separated areas.

However, pavers do make very inviting and aesthetically pleasing surfaces for patios. They are often expensive to install when they are done properly by experienced contractors. If you like the look of pavers, but have a more meager budget, oftentimes you can get a very similar look by stamping concrete.

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